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Paper Island, Copenhagen

Paper Island, Copenhagen

Papirøen - or Paper Island - is a wonderful piece of Copenhagen. Still raw and, some would say shabby, Paper Island gives you a glimpse of the old, industrial Copenhagen right at the water's edge.

For decades the industrial hall, now home to myriads of street food vendors (be still, my hungry heart!), served as paper storage for the Procurement Association of the Danish Press - the name Paper Island didn't come out of nowhere, you know!

The place to be on a sunny day

Especially on sunny days, Paper Island has an enormous pull factor. Obviously, I'm tempted to say, as it's located right at the heart of the harbour. Visit the food hall and choose from sizzling, mouthwatering and absolutely stunning foods from all around the globe - and make sure, you're hungry, because you'll want to try everything!

Depending on the weather, bring your food outside. A be ready to grab a table or a chair - or, if you're in luck - one of the sun loungers right at the water's edge. And then hold on to it for dear life, unless you're prepared to give it up!

Family friendly outing

I took my family to lunch on Paper Island today, and even though the stalls and foodtrucks were just opening up, a lot of people had found their way out there. The opening of the Inner Harbour Bridge last summer has eased access to the island - now it's really easy to get there from Nyhavn, attracting lots of tourists to a part of Copenhagen they may not have found (let alone visited) if the bridge hadn't been there.

Indeed, lot's of the people on Paper Island today were tourists having a nice time, enjoying the sunny, albeit windy, weather. I love the 'cosmopolitan' feel it gives to the place, and I like the fact that Copenhagen has somewhere as nice and unpolished as Paper Island to show to its visitors.

Even though Paper Island can get crowded, it's a very family friendly place, and you'll be hard put to find something your children won't eat. Seriously - there's everything! Personally, I can't walk pass the pulled duck-truck without buying something, so obviously I went for pulled duck with fries (so long, diet!), whereas my kids and hubby after careful consideration and deliberating over burgers, went for fish 'n chips 'n veggies. 

Family friendly does not, luckily, mean that you shouldn't go to Paper Island if you don't have kids. Especially at weekends the mood is positively club-like, and the drinks are flowing. In fact I went there (sans kids) just a few weeks ago and got a gin & tonic to die for! Something to do with basil. I'm already plotting to get back for another one. Or two. Soon!

Good food - and then some art

When you're done eating, pop next door to the food halls and visit CC - Copenhagen Contemporary, a mix of wine bars, design shops, events and, of course, contemporary art exhibitions.

For the time being, the food hall and CC are to be found on Paper Island until the end of 2017. What happens then nobody knows, but hopefully some of the authentic rawness will prevail. Even though the location is absolutely stunning, we do have quite enough office buildings overlooking the harbour, thank you very much. We need a place to just chill, please - and Paper Island is just perfect for that!

Curious for more information? Visit www.copenhagenstreetfood.dk and www.cphco.org/

CopenHot - full steam ahead!

CopenHot - full steam ahead!